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Our Vision - Underpinning our vision and goals, modelled through staff and encouraged in learner behaviours and attitudes 

To establish ourselves across Kent as a leading provider of support for the LDD community to enhance skills towards gaining meaningful employment. In doing so, our mission is to be at forefront of curriculum innovation to maximise meaningful learning opportunities. 

Beacon Plus places great significance on working collaboratively and in partnership with a range of employers, charities and other agencies including; the National Health Service, the Education and Skills Funding Agency, Local Authorities and Social Services. 2021-2022 will see the introduction of a robust Board of Governors providing greater challenge and rigour to our systems and processes. 

Strategic Goals 2021-2024 

Further raise the profile of Beacon Plus in the local and wider community amongst residents, businesses and District Council to increase rates of successful and sustained employment for the LDD community. Bringing together local experts to collaborate in enhancing our employability strand whilst supporting businesses to become more accessible in the recruitment and retention of adults with additional needs. 

To embed a new curriculum that is learner focused and leads to the greatest possible outcomes for all learners in every aspect of their lives, using the core strands of Preparing For Adulthood combined with essential aspects of English, Maths and Employment skills. 

To model business enterprise through the successful establishment of Beacon Plus as a trading entity, giving learners real life experiences in managing all facets of business whilst bringing valued products and services to the community. 

To focus on the mental health needs of young adults to acknowledging our role in reducing the statistical incidence of adults with mental health issues who have a learning disability. Working with our learners on key areas highlighted both by them and their data and offering support to develop lifelong habits to enhance their mental health and wellbeing.  


Our Values:  

  • Being non-judgemental in our work and lives  
  • Caring for and about others  
  • Respecting others even when we feel challenged  
  • Nurturing to ensure we get the best out of each individual   
  • Being creative, finding innovative ways to overcome life’s challenges and hurdles sometimes by taking a risk  

Developing collaborative partnerships to get the best out of people